Palmanova, Spain, ITF World Tennis Tour, W15 Palmanova, clay, outdoor: 1R, Anna Siskova (CZE) - Vicky Van De Peer (BEL) 26 64 63, 2R: Celia Cervino Ruiz (ESP) 57 63 61, QF: Maria Gutierrez Carrasco (ESP) 16 64 63, SF: Yvonne Cavalle-Reimers (ESP) 62 46 62, F:  Alba REY GARCIA (ESP) 6-3 6-1 TITLE!!!!

Palmanova, Spain, ITF World Tennis Tour, W15 Palmanova, clay, outdoor: 1R, Anna Siskova (CZE) - Vicky Van De Peer (BEL) 26 64 63, 2R: Celia Cervino Ruiz (ESP) 57 63 61, QF: Maria Gutierrez Carrasco (ESP) 16 64 63, SF: Yvonne Cavalle-Reimers (ESP) 62 46 62, F:  Alba REY GARCIA (ESP) 6-3 6-1 TITLE!!!!

Vera Zvonareva, former world No. 2, couldn’t play tennis for a long time: Again (and gladly) in Trnava

Former world No. 2, Wimbledon and US Open 2010 singles runner-up, bronze medalist at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing or 2-times Grand Slam Doubles & Mixed Doubles winner. Do we need say more? Vera Zvonareva (35) from Russia is coming back to Trnava after two years - she was participating in EMPIRE Slovak Open 2018 on clay. Now, she wants to play her best at EMPIRE Women’s Indoor 2020 hard tournament.

Vera, nice to have you back in Trnava. Why did you choose to play again in our club?

"It’s a long story, but to make it short... I got injured during the Roland Garros 2019 and I couldn’t play for a long time. But I feel quite ready now. I was looking for the tournaments to start with. It was easier to start with some tournaments in Europe. Because I couldn’t go to Australia, I wasn’t in the main draw. And, it was too soon for my comeback. Hopefully, I can do it now. Since I was in Trnava before and I know the club, the people... It was great experience for me in 2018. I felt that it was the great opportunity to play my first tournament right now. It was quite an easy choice."

How did you feel last time here, in 2018? What was your best experience?

"I have already mentioned that I felt good in Trnava. I practiced a lot, you have great facilities there, gym, a lot of courts. Everybody was nice to me and I could train as much as I wanted. Unfortunately, I lost my match against Anhelina Kalinina in the first round, but she played great tennis and for me it was first clay match after years. But nevertheless, it was a great experience and I enjoyed my time. That’s why I’m coming back again."

Did you see the city of Trnava?

"Not so much. Of course, I walked around a bit. We were a couple of times out for dinner. It’s quiet city, but very nice. It is the way I like it. It is smaller city when you compare it to Moscow, but I prefer it that way and hopefully I will get a little more time to explore Trnava."

What is your tournament’s plan for this season? How many of them do you want to play?

"It is tough to say because it all depends on how I feel. Of course, I want to play a full calendar, full schedule and I have my special WTA rankings which I can use. It is No. 78 in singles and No. 36 in doubles. I want to play couple of grand slams, and I want to play as much as I can. I’m still enjoying playing tennis, I have practiced a lot over the past six months. So hopefully, my body will keep up the intensity of tennis."

Your last tournament which you played was Roland Garros on clay in 2019. Why, what happened?

"Yes, I got injured right before the match at Roland Garros. I wasn’t sure how bad that was. I could not put the 100 percent effort during my match and then I have realized that I need some time off. I have tried to come back at Wimbledon, and I even played doubles in Eastbourne, but I realized that I need more time to be off court. It was not worth it to rush to play Wimbledon, and my doctors told me to take a longer break. To take care about my wrist first and then slowly to build up my fitness, strength and then I can go back on the court. That I was doing past six months. Hopefully, I am ready now."

How do you feel right now and what are your expectations before new season?

"I feel good right now. I hope I am fit enough. I worked very hard physically. I was not able to spend that much time on the court. I am doing more tennis over past 6 weeks, of course. Before that, I was focusing on my fitness. I really do not have any expectations. I just want to enjoy my time on the court, every match. To have a chance to play against the best players in the world."

What are you doing when you are not playing tennis or training? What are your hobbies?

"Only hobby that I have right now, is my daughter Evelyn (smile). No, I’m joking... Of course, I do some other things but most of them I am doing with my daughter. So, I’m just having fun with her, I’m going to different shows, museums with her, taking her to different places. Sometimes she is also travelling with me. We are doing sightseeing which I would never do on my own. Because she is curious about everything. She is ready to go everywhere, even if it is three hours of travelling to the place. She is funny."

Will Evelyn travel to Trnava with you? And does she like tennis, too?

"Unfortunately, she will not travel to Trnava with me. Because I have spent with her past 6 months almost every day. I’m training sometimes in Switzerland because my coach is from there. She was coming to Switzerland as well. She will stay back home now because she is taking some classes, she wants to do it and not to just travel with me all the time. And I don’t know if she likes tennis now. I don’t think so. She is not trying to play tennis. For now, she is busy with other things. But maybe in a year or two I will introduce her to tennis, of course. She is asking some questions now; she can recognize some people on TV as well when she is watching it. She is curious but she said she doesn’t want to play with the racquet right now. Maybe later. She is doing some swimming, dancing, figure skating, which is very popular in Russia. That’s enough for now."

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