Palmanova, Spain, ITF World Tennis Tour, W15 Palmanova, clay, outdoor: 1R, Anna Siskova (CZE) - Vicky Van De Peer (BEL) 26 64 63, 2R: Celia Cervino Ruiz (ESP) 57 63 61, QF: Maria Gutierrez Carrasco (ESP) 16 64 63, SF: Yvonne Cavalle-Reimers (ESP) 62 46 62, F:  Alba REY GARCIA (ESP) 6-3 6-1 TITLE!!!!

Palmanova, Spain, ITF World Tennis Tour, W15 Palmanova, clay, outdoor: 1R, Anna Siskova (CZE) - Vicky Van De Peer (BEL) 26 64 63, 2R: Celia Cervino Ruiz (ESP) 57 63 61, QF: Maria Gutierrez Carrasco (ESP) 16 64 63, SF: Yvonne Cavalle-Reimers (ESP) 62 46 62, F:  Alba REY GARCIA (ESP) 6-3 6-1 TITLE!!!!

EMPIRE Tennis Academy members spent 11 days at Liptov region led by coach Maros Molnar

Eleven days had spent the members of the EMPIRE Tennis Academy at a high quality fitness camp at Liptovsky Jan, spa village and municipality in Liptovsky Mikulas. The camp was led by experienced and well-known Slovak fitness coach Maros Molnar. Based on past experience, Molnar has decided for slightly different daily schedule. The reason was obvious – prevention of injuries because of too much fatigue.

There were seven tennis players in Liptovsky Jan. The current coach divided them into two groups – first one consisted of Daria Kasatkina, Kateryna Kozlova and Ken Onishi, members of the second one were Anhelina Kalinina, Ons Jabeur, Anna Blinkova and Sofia Kovalets. "I split them because Daria and Katya has started preparation for the new tennis season earlier. For them, focusing has a different meaning. Their goals is to get on different position. Comparing - for example with Ons Jabeur - who is now just on the start, ready for the first part of the preparation. Jabeur is setting for increasing the volume of the training intensity, the whole body preparation. For Daria and Katya are these days the end of the basic training. They needed to change low and high training intensities," explain details of the camp's days Maros Molnar.

He is glad he has some advantages with this team. There is no reason for special motivation. They do it by ourselves, because everybody know very well how important is to train hard if you want to be among the Top. If you want to be better than the others.

"They will know they get each evening specific daily schedule for the next day. What is the goals of the day and how to prepare mentally for them. Daria (Kasatkina) wants to be the best, so she is fighting for it. She wants to keep away from Katya – I mean in sport way. Just as Katie wants to be quicker than Daria at running competitions. They tried to motivate each other, because all professionals wants to be the best in the new season. Although they looks like friend, but in principle they are rivals. They pushed each other with maximum, because they know very well how important is to work hard. They would go against each other, if one of them decide to not push with one hundred percent. It helps both to play this way. When one makes three repetitions at the gym, the other one wants the same. They are full of energy, they want to work hard. So in this case is easy job for me," added Molnar, who decided to make some changes comparing the last year camp.

Also trip to Ziarska chata

"During past years, we trained two and a half days, and then they were half day off. But now, I found out that they were quite tired afterwards. So we made a change. The first day we trained light, the second a little bit harder and the third one is the most difficult with intense interval training finish. They get tough things to do," he says.

But on the fourth day they were free with zero intensity. There was no morning jog, everybody has a lot of time to sleep and then we go to hike. We climbed to Ziarska chata (renewed cottage in an altitude of 1325 m). It was 5 kilometres and 200 hundred meters with the chance for rest. The tempo was free. Everyone had chance to walk with his own temp. We throw also snowballs to make fun, it was full of comfort,” explains Molnar.

” The next day we started with morning jog at 7 a.m., then came yoga. After that they have gym or they have been divided to two groups. First group was concentrated for endurance, the second group made short uphill sections. Although they trained together, each member has specific role with different heartbeats. That's the individual point of this camp. After the training, one group goes to the physiotherapist, the other goes for example to exercise in the pool. Both group changed their roles in the next day. I suppose, to set the camp in this way is much better than the last year," added Maros Molnar.

Perfect conditions

Molnar revealed also the reason why he decides to go once again to Liptov – nice region lies in the north of Slovakia. "I like this hotel, I have found here everything I need for work – decent accommodation, large gym with possibility to do sprint and many kinds of exercises. They have a gym, well-equipped cardio corner. There are spinning bikes, rowing machines – ideal for training camps. We have possibility to use swimming pool, wellness, sauna, passive regeneration or outdoor playground. Whole valley was for us. If the weather changes, we would chance to react immediately and starts with substitution program," adds Molnar.

And what other participants like Kateryna Kozlova or Jabeur said about the coach? "Fitness level is an important part of tennis. You must be fit, if you want to play on the highest level. Only with these condition you are able to show you best tennis. Maros has quality, helping me during the whole season, not just in this camp. We were in touch also during my tournaments. He is professional and I have to praise him for his work," said Kateryna Kozlova. Ons Jabeur adds: "Camp like this with the girls from academy led by him is very demanding, but I like it. I am here for the third time. We all know how to make drill, but we had also fun."

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Milan Hutera,

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