Pavel Shumeiko won another junior tournament, he moved up to the junior Top 60

Ukrainian member of EMPIRE Tennis Academy in Trnava Pavel Shumeiko scored another important triumph. After he won the tournament in Senec in the beginning of the year, he fought hard at the another tournament in Ukraine.

Pavel Shumeiko, who is getting tennis advice also from EMPIRE Tennis Academy coach Miloslav Grolmus, won indoor Donetsk City Cup (Grade 2) in Cherkassy. He beat Otto Virtanen in the final 6-3, 6-2. He earned 100 points to the ITF junior combined ranking and he is a member of Top 60 fot the first time in his career (No. 58, career high).

"The tournament was very good. I improved the quality of my game from match to match. The toughest match for me was in the semifinal. I played against the boy from Turkey: he is a very good defensive player and I needed to hold a concentration all the match and to play a lot of long rallies. I lost first set 6-7 to him, but I started to focus on the quality of my game, started to play all time aggressive, so it helped me to win 6-0 6-4 in the following sets,“ said Pavel Shumeiko for the empire-tennis-academy.com website. "I chose to play in Cherkassy firstly because of the short distance from my native city - Kiev, and secondly because of the high category of the tournament."

Pavel Shumeiko moved up to the junior Top 50, so there is a chance to play Grand Slam events. "To play at the Grand Slam tournament, even if it is a junior, is a big desire for every player and, of course, one of the main goals of this year is to play the main draw of the Roland Garros and Wimbledon. To be honest, I want not only to take part, but also win Grand Slam. But of course I need to work hard on the practices to improve my game more and more. And to play very good at another amount of tournaments. I need to improve my ranking in the first part of the spring before the Roland Garros, " he added.

"I want to thank to the EMPIRE Tennis Academy in Trnava for all good conditions and opportunities that help me to practice there and to improve my game. Also thanks belongs to all coaches, fitness coaches - they helped me during the pre-season to improve. Of course, big thank you to my coach Miloslav Grolmus, who works with me very very hard all time and tries to improve me all the time when I am with him. I am sure that it is only the beginning and I keep on going,“ concluded Pavel Shumeiko.

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