Japanese Onishi at EMPIRE Tennis Academy: I have improved already

Japanese tennis player Ken Onishi trains at EMPIRE Tennis Academy in Trnava since May with help of Slovak coach Miloslav Grolmus. Three months was enough to improve not just his ATP rankings, but also the way he plays.

"There are a lot of good players in Trnava, so there is good competition. I am also happy with the background I have here. I could find here all professional tennis player needs," explains 769-th player in the ATP ranking rankings, why he decided to train at Trnava.

His personal coach is experienced Slovak coach Miloslav Grolmus. "Since I have practiced here, I feel stronger and in my opinion, my forehand is now better. I am able to reach more winners with this stroke. I am trying to work hard, but still remained positive. Coach helps me with this as he knows how to make me smile also. I am glad to have a chance to draw on his experiences," said 21-year-old Japanese player, who likes Slovakia. "I have found here all I need. People are pleasant, the country is wonderful and I feel comfortable here," he added.

And what plan in the near future has on Himeji-born player? "First of all I would like to win some Futures tournament. As about long-terms goals I want to be one day at Top 10 and my dream is also to win Olympic medal," admitted Ken Onishi.

Miloslav Grolmus about Ken Onishi: I like to work with him

Slovak coach speak highly about cooperation with Onishi. "He has an Asian mentality, I like to work with him. He is sort of players who listen what I said. Who makes notes. Who wants to move forward and don't afraid to work hard. Players like him know very well how important is to play with maximum effort. I wish also Slovak and Czech children feeling sport in such a similar way,” thinks Miloslav Grolmus.

"Onishi plays some good tennis. We are working together on some guns like better forehand, movement on the court and serves. He has good kick serve already. As about fighting, he is a fighter already. He wants to win every ball. If somebody would like to beat him on clay, he must be ready that it will hurts."

Grolmus has not yet determined his goals in the ATP rankings. "First of all, I want from him to works on physical condition during winter, because there is a still room for improvement. He must be dynamic, it will help him a lot. He need to be stable on some things. Only after he get his, we can start to think about his further ranking move. I started to train him just from May, we have still lot of time to set up our goals. To do it in winter looks better. I see there enough space for that," thinks Miloslav Grolmus.



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