Palmanova, Spain, ITF World Tennis Tour, W15 Palmanova, clay, outdoor: 1R, Anna Siskova (CZE) - Vicky Van De Peer (BEL) 26 64 63, 2R: Celia Cervino Ruiz (ESP) 57 63 61, QF: Maria Gutierrez Carrasco (ESP) 16 64 63, SF: Yvonne Cavalle-Reimers (ESP) 62 46 62, F:  Alba REY GARCIA (ESP) 6-3 6-1 TITLE!!!!

Palmanova, Spain, ITF World Tennis Tour, W15 Palmanova, clay, outdoor: 1R, Anna Siskova (CZE) - Vicky Van De Peer (BEL) 26 64 63, 2R: Celia Cervino Ruiz (ESP) 57 63 61, QF: Maria Gutierrez Carrasco (ESP) 16 64 63, SF: Yvonne Cavalle-Reimers (ESP) 62 46 62, F:  Alba REY GARCIA (ESP) 6-3 6-1 TITLE!!!!

Ons Jabeur advanced to the 2R at the Roland Garros, she will play against Cibulkova

Tunisian member of the EMPIRE Tennis Academy Ons Jabeur (coached by Mislav Hizak) beat Ana Bogdan from Romania 6-3 6-4 and advanced to the second round at the Roland Garros tournament in Paris. It’s her best result so far at the grand slam tournament. She is also Roland Garros 2011 singles junior champion.

Tell us more about the match. How did you feel during the game?

"Well, first, it was a great match for me. I was a little bit stressed and relaxed at the same time, because it was a second chance for me to be in the French Open. And then I started really good. I was trying to stay focused during the match. I played my game. A lot of the drop shots, and then things went really good. She got little bit pissed, and then I tried to get this opportunity to play better. Was slipping a little bit at 3-1, but then I came back and I was really, like, tough mentally to win this match."

You mentioned drop shots during the game. Have you special training for this? After first set of your opponent, they were fabulous.
"Well, there is no -- for me, sometimes I don't want to do drop shot, but then my hand just go along. So sometimes I don't control even myself to do the drop shots. I try to do them as -- in the good points and in the good situation what I have to. And since I saw her, she was little bit pissed of my drop shot, and then it was great opportunity to do them again. So, for me, it was a great opportunity to do them even more."

You played great in Roland Garros as a junior. Why this tournament suits your game so well?
"I don't know. I just -- I like to be here. It's really close to Tunisia, so maybe it's that. I mean, it's not the same as playing in Australia or USA than to play here. And I speak French, so it's -- I'm kind of close to this country and I like to play here. People are, like, very nice here. There's a lot of Tunisian who came to support me. So being here, it feels like being in Tunisia.
And I got to say, the weather here, they stole it from us, so kind of is a little bit."

This is a great victory. I think this is the outcome of good preparation. You prepared in Slovakia and in Qatar and you did very well, and so far your season has been very good. Compared to last year, what changed?

"Well, as I said, yes, my preparation was really good. And I went to Shenzhen, the Australian Open, Taipei, and Dubai as well. It is a lot of hard work.I've had -- you know, I have played a lot of matches and I've had a lot of wins, and I think that explains why I'm ready today. I had some good matches in the U.S. on clay as well. So, yeah, I feel very prepared, and I think I'm now -- I need to gain more experience on the tour and be more ready. And, hopefully, maybe one day I can make it to the top 100 players."

You are training in Slovakia and you're playing in the next round against Dominika Cibulkova from Slovakia. So have you ever practiced with her and how well do you know her and maybe your chances in the match, how do you see it?

"Well, I practice in the EMPIRE Tennis Academy in Trnava. We never practice together, because I think she practice in Bratislava in the Federation. Well, I got to say, maybe I have the Trnava part people that will be with me a little bit. But I am going to do my best. Will talk to my coach. And everyone knows Cibulkova. Maybe it's a plus one for me because she doesn't know me really good and I know her more. For me, I'm just going to try to focus on myself to play better and take this more second chance to have a great results here and have great memories more in the French Open."

Can you maybe talk a bit more about living in Slovakia and playing there, maybe some food and how our people in Slovakia, and maybe some words you know from Slovak language?

"Definitely not going to tell you the bad words, because the first that I learned there. But, yeah, the food is really great. I cannot remember any name because it's really difficult. I haven't been a lot there lately because the first part of the year it was in Asia, so I was more in Doha practicing there and going there in the tournaments. And now, since it's the clay season and it's in Europe, so I may go there more often. But the most thing I love in Slovakia is the preparation there and the -- when we are in Tatras in the mountains, it was unbelievably good."

Tell us more about your cooperation with Maros Molnar. Because he's your fitness coach; right?

"Yeah, he's the craziest guy in Slovakia probably. Yeah, he's a really good fitness coach. We had preparation together last year, and I see him a little bit during the -- actually, lately, three weeks ago I saw him. I worked out with him. And at the beginning of the year, actually, a little bit my husband was helping me since he's a fitness coach. So it was kind of -- if I'm in Slovakia, I practice with Maros. If I'm not there, my husband helps me a little bit."

Are you a Muslim? And if yes, how do you manage the Ramadan?

"Yes, I am a Muslim. Unfortunately, I cannot do the Ramadan. I'm an athlete. I have to drink and I have to, obviously, feed myself. And if I eat one day, I'm actually going to catch up later by not -- by actually doing Ramadan. It's like a credit system. You know, I'm going to eat for several days because I'm at a tournament, but I will catch up because I will have a credit with God and, hopefully, God will forgive me."

1QR: Misa EGUCHI (JPN) 6-1 6-2
2QR: Victoria KAMENSKAYA (RUS) 7-6(2) 6-1
FQR: Miyu KATO (JPN) 3-6 6-3 4-6

1R: Ana BOGDAN (ROU) 6-3 6-4

2R: Dominika CIBULKOVA (SVK) ?-?


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