EMPIRE Tennis Academy members spent 9 days at Liptov region

EMPIRE Tennis Academy, fitness camp, Liptovsky Jan

Elite of our academy and the club met in late November in the Low Tatras – Liptovsky Jan, led by Maros Molnar, fitness coach of the team MOLFIT. According to the words of Tereza Mihalikova, Andrej Martin and Daria Kasatkina, they were given a hard time by Mr. Molnar and his team.

Waking up before 7 in the morning, 8km long run in minus zero temperatures, chilly but determined looks of the tennis players. Almost every day of a fitness camp at the end of November began like this. That was first time ever camp experience by Tereza Mihalikova, Australian Open junior-girls winner. "This camp is more different and more difficult. I have never come through the fitness camp only; It was always incorporated in tennis camp. We work really hard, but without fun it would be unbearable here," said confidently Tereza, which was born in Topolcany, most difficult for her was hands strengthening. "Still I cannot handle such a weight as my girls colleagues handle. I got muscle fever but my legs held on. I very much enjoyed swimming here."
Mihalikova did not reject an invitation to a 5 degrees cold water, there was whole of the girls team in-there. "It helps preventing muscle fever. We went there after a very difficult practise, basically we somehow survived this. We immersed only feet into it but the pain was terrible. Guys usually immerse whole body, but I'm not that crazy," Tereza Mihalikova laughed.

No cliche

For Andrej Martin, leader of a men’s EMPIRE Tennis Academy Team, it’s the second camp in 2 years at Liptov region. "I always look forward to it. It's something completely different from the annual stereotype. In addition, I like nature and challenges, also winter and snow very much. There are lot of challenges here; we practise floorball and basketball, completely different kinds of sports and activities including fitness exercises and fitness trainings. It’s demanding but also motivating," explained Andrej Martin who is happy to be part of the players team in Low Tatras.
"Fitness trainer Maros Molnar is a very funny man, so our fit-training is full of fun and a good atmosphere. There is nothing here I would not look forward to. I take it here as a things that I do for myself and I know that it’s going to be useful for me. I am not used to get up that early in the morning but it belongs to the camp. Then the day is even longer. You can get used to it in a few days. I wake up as soon as the alarm-clock rings. I'm not the one who always postpones the ring by 5 minutes. Then I know the NHL results a bit earlier," added Andrej Martin with a grin. He was very happy with the programme prepared for the players. "Maros is very professional fitness trainer, one of the best in Slovakia. In addition, there is very relaxed atmosphere here. I have no idea where would I get more complex conditions for new season preparation than here."

Help in the new season

Daria Kasatkina was not thrilled from jogging at this fitness camp but she knows that everything has its meaning. "I started to enjoy it. This camp has a special atmosphere, we work here. We are a big group here, that’s why it's also fun here. In the evenings we relax by playing board-games, it's perfect. The most difficult part for me is jogging. I can survive a lot of things including gymnasium but jogging outside ... Oh My God ... It's boring for me. Moreover, you need to dress properly in winter, put on long gloves, long sleeves and muffs. I hate them from my childhood, when my mother put it on me and I screamed at her that I don’t want it," Daria looked back with a grin.

Pre-season camp prepares tennis players for quite a long time. "We practise everything - strength, endurance, speed. When we continue practising during the season, it will last for a long time," added Mihalokova.

Photos by: 
Milan Hutera

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