Elina Svitolina - the WTA Elite Trophy finalist

In the WTA Elite Trophy final Elina Svitolina lost to Petra Kvitova, 4-6 2-6. For the first time in her career Elina finishes the season as world No.14 (it's her career-high and also a national record in the WTA rankings).

"Congratulations to Petra, she played amazing this week, but for me it was also a good week. I hope to come here next year, if I won't play in Singapore," Elina said during the awards ceremony.

"Well, it was really weird because I was not in the match. I was completely somewhere. Somewhere maybe in my other semifinals, because this morning I said to my team that it's kind of strange because it's like my fifth semifinal in seven last weeks.It's very, very strange feeling. I was trying to be focused in my match, but everything was not like together. My legs, my brains were not connected. Well, after I just tried to relax and play my game, play and just enjoy, and I think it worked really well. I was putting a lot of pressure and it was really worked for me in the end,“ continued Elina Svitolinathe member of the EMPIRE Tennis Academy.

This year Elina Svitolina won the title in Kuala Lumpur and was a finalist at the Premier-level event in New Haven. Elina was able to beat two WTA leaders - Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber - for the first time since 2010. Elina also has made her Olympic debut in Rio, where she finished in top-eight of the women's tournament.

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