Andrej Martin: Davis Cup is a priority for me, is in my heart

Andrej Martin, Davis Cup, Australia, Slovakia

EMPIRE Tennis Academy member Andrej Martin left for Sydney together with the Slovakian Davis Cup team (including Igor Zelenay) on September, 10. He gave us an exclusive interview shortly before leaving. He speaks about his expectations in Australia, about travelling 30 hours and how happy he is with the current season.

Leyton Hewitt, Australian Davis Cup captain is going to use Kyrgios and Tomic. Do you think these two will play, despite Kyrgios picking up injury at US Open?

"I do not think about it at all. We are travelling to Australia not as favourites, never mind if Kyrgios or Tomic play. We will try to surprise them."

Was it surprising for you not to see Martin Klizan and Lukas Lacko in the team?

"It was no surprise at all, we all have priorities. We can only guess how serious the reason for their absence is, it is up to them. I play tennis to play tournaments and competitions. Davis Cup is one of them. Davis Cup is in my heart and in my tournament calendar. When the captain invites me and I am healthy, I always try to help the team."

What are your thoughts on the surface?

"It is well known that in Australia they play on grass, for them it is very traditional thing. For other countries, it is specific. We expected them to decide this way; let´s see how we can do on grass."

Do you expect good atmosphere?

"I expect a lot of enthusiastic fans. Australians can be very wild and noisy, as we know from Australian open. In Davis Cup you can expect fans not to behave the best way towards the opponent. We have to be ready for this, so it does not have influence on our performance."

Travelling to Australia, nothing easy....

"We will be on the roads 30 hours. We are travelling first class, it is very comfortable. I hope we make it without any problems. I do not think it will have any influence on our performance."

You said you are not happy with the recent challengers, when you were knocked out early in singles. What do you make of the season so far?

"This season is very important for me in terms of results on the big tournaments. I beat guys from Top 100. That is most important. I can build on it. Last month was not that good, I am bit disappointed. Maybe I was tired from the previous months. Maybe, I should not play at so many tournaments. It is another good experience for me."

How do you find co-operation with Miloslav Grolmus from EMPIRE Tennis Academy? He is your coach first season...

"Milo is young, ambitious coach. For me it is very important to have someone like him by my side. I feel energy coming from him and ambitions to achieve great things. He is great coach. Of course we all have pros and cons, we both have things to improve. I think, we help each other to learn. We are on the right track and I hope we can build on it."

Are you happy about the facilities in EMPIRE Tennis Academy, which you joined last year?

"Absolutely! Owner invests continuously into the structure and facilities in the academy. Great respect for what he is doing for tennis and for the academy.  I wish I could spend more time there; unfortunately I am very often on the roads travelling from one tournament to another. I really look forward the winter pre-season in TC EMPIRE Club."

What are your plans after Davis Cup in Australia?

"Week off. Then I have challengers in Rome and Morocco. I might play two tournaments there. Depending on the results, we will see, if I join qualifying at ATP tournaments on hard in Vienna and Moscow or I keep on playing clay challengers."

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Milan Hutera, Tennis Arena

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