Grolmus about Martin: Membership in EMPIRE Tennis Academy is also part of the success

Andrej Martin reached third round of Roland Garros in Paris accompanied by Miloslav Grolmus, EMPIRE Tennis Academy coach. Part of Andrej Martin’s success also lies behind excellent facilities provided by the academy for him since he joined in September 2015.

Miloslav Grolmus is coach of Andrej Martin and his double’s partner Hans Podlipnik-Castillo from Chile, in the academy. "Together with Karol Beck we were in charge of Andrej Martin, Podlipnik and juniors Dubrivnyy and Banczi. Then we decided to change the model a bit. Each of us is now coaching two of them on regular basis and we have certain continuity. I am in charge of Andrej and Hans and Karol is coach of Artem and Viktor. We decided to try this kind of co-operation for a year," explained Miloslav Grolmus about the system of their work for www.empire-tennis-academy.com.

"I am prepared to travel three weeks in a month with both of them, but I still want to work within the club. For me, third round of Martin at Roland Garros is my biggest success in my career, but for me success with TC EMPIRE is also very important in Slovakia. We have defended Slovakian extraleague club title with men in May. I also want to remind of my previous work with Horansky and Kovalik," continues Miloslav Grolmus, who emphasises the importance of personal coach at tournaments.

"Andrej Martin has great facilities in Trnava. He can use the courts in the academy for practice sessions, indoor halls, wellness and sparings. He can travel around the tournaments with coach, very important for a player, because we can work on his game match by match during the week and work on different aspects – tactical approach, technical details. I see the player live in action," describes Miloslav Grolmus all the advantages of membership in the academy. Grolmus used to belong to top junior players and even won the U14 European Championship.

TC EMPIRE head coach is glad; Andrej Martin starts to show improvements in his game in Paris. "Clay is about good forehand, he needs to have this weapon to make points and control the game. He needs to be the dominant one. We worked on it. Marian Vajda and Vladimir Platenik were both here and they had words of praises on his address," explains Miloslav Grolmus, who speaks positively about personalities of Martin and Podlipnik.

"They are really good people, characters, and personalities. I enjoy working with them Hans fits into the team perfectly," he added. Andrej Martin and Hans Podlipnik-Castillo are good friends, became recently club champions in Slovakia, both playing for TC EMPIRE Trnava. 

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