Oliver Nagy joins Elina Svitolina's team

coach Iain Hughes, Elina Svitolina, Oliver Nagy, Miami

Member of EMPIRE Tennis Academy Oliver Nagy has received an offer he could not refuse. Oliver, 19 years old, is travelling around U.S. as part of team around Ukrainian number one Elina Svitolina, currently WTA No. 16 and winner of four WTA singles titles.

Bratislava born player, from Samorin, is excited about the opportunity. Their co-operation is logical outcome of her membership in international EMPIRE Tennis Academy. Their first tournament was BNP Paribas Open v Indian Wells and now they are in Miami on what is so called fifth grand slam, Miami Open. "For me, it is great experience to be part of such important tournaments and see top players in their everyday work. I feel great within the team and it also gives me playing experience as a sparring. Level of preparation is excellent from morning until dawn. She is a fighter on the court, not giving up a single ball, playing 100% in every match," said Oliver Nagy for www.empire-tennis-academy.com official website.

Oliver Nagy also told us about his duties in the team. "We are only starting to run this cooperation, so for now; my responsibility is to play with her as sparing. I do not have to take care about anything else; however more duties will be added soon. She will decide herself what she would like," said Oliver Nagy, describing one day in Svitolina team. "If she is not playing a match that day, she goes to visit her physio in the morning, followed by light fitness training, after which comes first tennis practice. Then we have a lunch, followed by second tennis practice, but this is not a rule. It all depends, how she feels," said Nagy, former very successful Slovakian international. He was second in ETA U14 ranking in May 2010 in Europe, ending the year as number six.

Nagy will have a week off together with the team after Miami. Whole team will start with preparations for WTA tournament in Bogota, Columbia, played on clay. After Bogota, they will move back to Trnava, to practice in the TC EMPIRE club. 

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