Andrej Martin coached by Beck and Grolmus in EMPIRE Tennis Academy, Podlipnik joins academy as well

Andrej Martin, Hans Podlipnik-Castillo, Miloslav Grolmus, Karol Beck

Coaching staff and players roster of EMPIRE Tennis Academy in Trnava will get a new boost. Former No. 36 in the ATP rankings Karol Beck and Chilean player Hans Podlipnik-Castillo, No. 170 in the ATP rankings. Beck will be in charge of Andrej Martin and his Chilean friend and doubles partner Podlipnik together with Miloslav Grolmus.

Andrej Martin joined the academy in September 2015 and considers current situation as ideal. "Combination of Miloslav Grolmus and Karol Beck is suitable. Karol is experienced player, was in Top 40. He has enough experience from the top tennis and can express his opinions and give me tips to improve. Milo is a great coach; he can adjust the practice sessions the right way. We will travel around tournaments more with Karol, he will support us together with Hans at the matches. Milo will be in charge of long term preparations in Slovakia. I know them both well, I look forward our co-operation," said Martin for www.empire-tennis-academy.com.

First trip in South America

Andrej Martin with Beck will travel for their first trip together in January. Martin will play three South American challengers. They will start in Argentinian Mendoza, next one will be in Buenos Aires and third one in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Martin is not going to take part in Australian Open qualies, although his ranking allows him to do so. "Andrej feels much better on clay and until May, there are not ATP points to defend. This is the main reason we have decided to choose rather clay tournaments," said his new coach Karol Beck, who looks forward their co-operation.

"We have agreed that we will work with Karol Beck together on around 20 tournaments. Miloslav Grolmus will help me, too. To travel around with both guys (Andrej Martin & Podlipnik) would be more difficult and they will not always have the same schedule. That is why there will be two of us to prepare them," explained Karol Beck, who likes philosophy of international EMPIRE Tennis Academy.

"Mr. Miroslav Hlavna and his team are doing fantastic job for the academy. They are trying to create facilities for top domestic and foreign players and build a great European club. We have agreed very quickly, after a week. I called head coach Vladimir Platenik, if there is a possibility to co-operate with the academy. He told me all the details about the work in the tennis club. There are great coaches in the academy and that is one of the main reasons for me to join," added Beck, member of TC EMPIRE club in Trnava since 2009. He used to play for the club in Slovak Extraleague in the past.

On the ATP circuit, Karol Beck reached the final in Russian St. Petersburg in 2004. He owns 10 challenger singles titles and played at many grand slams. His maximum remains 4th round from 2004 US Open.

Hans Podlipnik-Castillo in Trnava

Hans Podlipnik-Castillo from Chile, doubles partner of Andrej Martin joins EMPIRE Tennis Academy. Together with Andrej Martin they own 5 doubles challenger titles. He will also play Slovakian top flight for the club in Trnava. "I decided to join EMPIRE Tennis Academy, because I have found here tennis club with all the facilities and conditions, that professional athlete needs to achieve results. There are great coaches in the academy, including Karol Beck, Miloslav Grolmus and one of the best fitness coach in Slovakia Maros Molnar," explains main reasons to join academy Santiago born player.

"Work that has been done in the academy and in the club is absolutely fantastic. I believe it will become one of the top European tennis clubs with great professional level of tennis," believes No. 73 of ATP doubles rankings.  

Apart of Hans Podlipnik-Castillo, Andrej Martin, Karol Beck, Miloslav Grolmus and Vladimir Platenik, there are other coaches in EMPIRE Tennis Academy including Jaroslav Bulant, Rene Hanak, Juraj Jancovic, Kamil Capkovic and Martin Durdik and furthermore players like Igor Zelenay, Tamara Kupkova, Daria Kasatkina, Artem Dubrivnyy, Maria Novikova, Semen Burlachenko, Viktor Banczi, Janos Fekete, Lenka Stara, Vivien Juhaszova, Timea Pavlickova, Oliver Nagy and Anna Blinkova.

Photos by: 
Ivan Kopcani, www.empire-tennis-academy.com

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