Daria Kasatkina advanced to the third round at the US Open

Daria Kasatkina, Vladimir Platenik, US Open, New York

Member of EMPIRE Tennis Academy Daria Kasatkina, coached by Vladimir Platenik, played in New York at US Open 2015 her first grand slam qualifying amongst women. She lost in the qualifying final but then she got lucky and played main draw at the US Open. She beat Gavrilova 6-2, 4-6, 7-5, then Konjuh 6-4, 6-4 and advanced to the 3R for the first time in her career.


In first singles qualifying round, she met Argentinian Maria Irigoyen. Negative H2H before the match did not suggest easy match. In their only previous meeting, Daria lost this year on 25K USD tournament in Innisbrook, Florida. "I believe Daria will fight hard, she has definitely capabilities to beat Irigoyen. Opponent plays defensively, so Daria will have enough time to find her rhythm," said Vladimir Platenik about Daria’s chances before the game. He would prefer more smooth preparation for grand slam. Daria had health issues. "Unfortunately, Daria has problems with her back after her game against Kalinina in Vancouver. After complicated transfer to New York, when there were problems with aeroplane, Daria spent 20 hours travelling and she suffered neck pain. I cannot tell how she will cope with it. She felt better, but not ideal," told us before the match Vladimir Platenik.

Daria made it through the first round, beating Argentian Irigoyen 6-2, 6-3. In 2nd round she met home player Taylor Townsend and beat her as well in two sets 6-2, 6-2. "I am happy Daria made it despite her health issues. We trained hard, but I was afraid that those three problematic days might have effect on her. Fortunately, it did not happen, she had a good rest and I can see she is full of energy and enthusiasm. Against Townsend, she played really well and I hope she can keep up with her good form,“ said pleased Vladimir Platenik after Daria fought her way into the qualifying final. Kasatkina played deciding match for the main draw of US OPEN 2015 against Elizavet Kulichkova, also from Russia. Unfortunately Daria Kasatkina lost the match in two sets, 2-6, 4-6.

"Unfortunately Kulichkova played really well and did not allow Daria to find her game. Daria started to panic after few unsuccessful shots and she could not find her strengths in the match. In second set she found her rhythm, but it was too late, because she was down 2-5. Hat off, I really fancy performance of Kulichova, she kept her concentration from the first until the last ball," commented on Daria’s performance her coach Vladimir Platenik. "However I think we cannot be unsatisfied, it was her first grand slam. At the same time, it was her first hard tournament after spending eight months playing on clay. We know what to work on and that´s important. Stay healthy and work hard. In near future, we are planning to travel to France to play at 50K and 100K clay events," added Vladimir Platenik.

Daria Kasatkina of EMPIRE Tennis Academy got lucky and she played main draw at the US Open on Monday as a lucky loser because women's No. 3 seed Maria Sharapova has withdrawn with a right leg injury. She beat Gavrilova 6-2, 4-6, 7-5 and advanced to the second round where she will play against Croatian Ana Konjuh. "Of course I believed she can win against Gavrilova! Two years ago,when I worked with Tomljanovic, she also beat her. Gavrilova is having a good season, but she is not unbeatable. Daria played great first set, it was memorable performance. In second set, she became nervous, started to panic, she did not stick to our tactics. Gavrilova made a comeback, fortunately in third set Daria started to concentrate again, played wiser and with a little bit of luck, she walked away with a win," commented on her first main draw grand slam win her coach Platenik. 

She won also against Konjuh 6-4, 6-4 and advanced to the third round at the US Open 2015! "Daria played today great tennis, concentrated performance from the start. Every match she is better and better. She is capable of solving different game scenarios tactically. It is big paradox, but her qualies final defeat against Kulichkova, because they play similar tennis to Konjuh. Daria managed to improve  her thinking and her performance," said Vladimir Platenik after Kasatkina's 2nd round win.

Daria was playing against Kristina Mladenovic from France in the third round and lost 2-6, 3-6.

Photos by: 
www.empire-tennis-academy.com, Martin Sidorják

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