Cairns, Australia, ITF World Tennis Tour, Cairns Tennis International, 25 000 USD, hard, outdoor: 1R, Tereza MIHALIKOVA (SVK) [6] - Isabella BOZICEVIC (AUS) 6-3 6-2, 2R: Emily FANNING (NZL) 6-1 6-1, QF: Olivia ROGOWSKA (AUS) [2] 3-6 3-6.

Cairns, Australia, ITF World Tennis Tour, Cairns Tennis International, 25 000 USD, hard, outdoor: 1R, Tereza MIHALIKOVA (SVK) [6] - Isabella BOZICEVIC (AUS) 6-3 6-2, 2R: Emily FANNING (NZL) 6-1 6-1, QF: Olivia ROGOWSKA (AUS) [2] 3-6 3-6.

Patrik Fabian has got a chance to work at the EMPIRE Tennis Academy as a coach, he works with junior’s players including Shestakov, Fekete or Cierny

At the beginning, Patrik Fabian became member of EMPIRE Tennis Academy team in Trnava from the beginning of the 2017 season, but due to health complication, which didn’t allowed him to continue his professional career, he started to work especially as a coach in the international academy. He tries to help many Slovak but also foreign players in the academy.

Patrik Fabian began work with EMPIRE Tennis academy since March 2018. His little advantage was he had being there as a player before. “I knew coaches, players, management of the academy. All that made it easier for me. The coach position is another positive moment for me.  I changed completely my angle of tennis view. If I had this experience during my player years, it would be much easier for me on the court. I could see many mistakes – in technique, for example. Tennis these days is advancing very fast. It is not just about the game, so I started to speak a discuss a lot with fitness coach Kristian Cupak or with physiotherapist Andrej Horvath. If we can create full service for the player, I mean complete team, it works much better. The boys had to enjoy having complete supervision. If they are not injured, they can work on maximum,” said Fabian (24), former 548-th player in the ATP rankings.

“I am very satisfied with my work in TC EMPIRE Trnava. The conditions here are good, it is ideal place for new players with lot of sparring,” continue Patrik Fabian.

His move from being a player to coach position decided health complications. “I was injured, had to undergo three operations of my hand. I broke tendons in my left wrist. I have tried to come back, but it was not very possible. I am determined by my hand, which is not able to fully recover. It´s not enough to play tennis on professional level, but I am able to work as a coach,” explain Patrik Fabian.

Patrik Fabian is now in charge of boys who are in the transition from junior to men category. “These players are 16, 17 or 18 years old. They are playing especially junior tournament, but some of them also men competition. My job is to help them with this transition, because there are many players and rivalry is so great.”

Among them are the Slovaks David Cierny, Adam Arbet, Janos Fekete, Lukas Bielik and Samuel Spano, as well some foreign tennis players from Ukraine, Japan and America. "It is good for the players that there come from the different countries. They have a chance to try different styles of play with more variety," he said.

Fabian works also with Ukrainian Shestakov, who has huge passion for play

During singles qualifying at the EMPIRE Futures Trnava 2018 tournament was playing also EMPIRE Tennis Academy player Oleksiy Shestakov. He beat Czech Tomas Krcma in the first round with no problems 6-0, 6-0. But on Sunday he was eliminated by the sixth-seeded Slovak player Martin Fekiac with the result 6-4, 2-6, 1-6.

“He needs to play differently in men’s tennis – improve the length of his shots, play more aggressively. His abilities helped him in junior categories, but now he had to face older guys. At least he can compare himself with older guys. But he won one qualifying game, every match is good for him.”

Oleksiy Shestakov has worked with Trnava two and half months. “He will stay with us for more than a month, than he had to return to Ukraine because of visas. But I had to say our cooperation is good. He has huge passion for tennis, he is a big fighter. He wants to go further, to be better players. You can see how he likes this sport. I also have got feedback from him. We discussed a lot his style of play,” added coach Patrik Fabian.


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