EMPIRE Tennis Academy has formed team of 12 men

International Tennis Academy in Trnava will in the new season 2017 consist of numerous players. Slovak experienced and young players will be joined by backup team members from Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. "I would like our men’s and women’s team to function properly. Both of them should work on a high professional level with full service including tennis tournaments journeys," says Daniel Trcka, TC EMPIRE Trnava head coach.

Creation of the men’s team is in correspondence with the long-term concept of Trnava club and the Academy, where the members of women’s team already belong to the top ranked WTA players such as Elina Svitolina, Daria Kasatkina or Slovak talents Tereza Mihalikova and Rebecca Sramkova.
"Our top priority is to create preconditions and facilities for the best Slovak players, junior national team members and tennis youth in Slovakia. Our trainer team and preconditions of the Tennis Centre EMPIRE are prepared for this priority," said chairman of TC EMPIRE Trnava ltd., Mr. Miroslav Hlavna.

27 years old Andrej Martin and 34 years old Igor Zelenay, both Slovak Davis-cup team members, are among the men’s team leaders in terms of the rankings and experience."It's an improvement. It's also hope, because as bigger is the competition in Academy, as better players we can bring to Trnava. The older will give a help to the younger, and they may compare to each other, or they can just watch the others. I wish everyone was successful, we pulled through together and moved forward," wishes Andrej Martin.

"It's great that even men’s part of the Academy is being built. It's even better for us in terms of sparring.  More players will be here, and then Academy will be better. It's good also for the coaches. I hope to reach good results and this can attract other tennis players. Foreign players in Trnava will contribute to the fact that Academy becomes famous not only in Slovakia but also in the world," thinks Igor Zelenay.

Young Slovak players Patrik Fabian (22) and Martin Blasko (20) also belong to the new team members. "There was a will for cooperation from the very beginning. Additionally, I know both players and coaches here which was an extra plus for me. There is a wide group of tennis players here that are like examples for us, including still active players Andrej Martin, Igor Zelenay or coaches Karol Beck and Kamil Capkovic, both former active players. All those facts helped me to decide for Trnava. I really wanted to stay in Slovakia, though USA was in stake, I have been there when I was a teenager. We have communicated with TC EMPIRE team together with Martin Blasko. I really look forward to the Slovak extraleague, I find here very many good teammates. It will be a problem to get into the team within this team competition. But it is only good for me, "explains Patrik Fabian smiling.

Czech player Vaclav Safranek's first impetus for coming to Trnava was his meeting with Andrej Martin at the tennis tournament. "We talked about the practising preconditions and he mentioned and recommended Trnava. I was also contacted by head coach Dan Trcka, it was actually initiative from both sides.  Preconditions should be favourable for both sides. I plan to travel from Brno to Trnava. I'll have a coach from Academy for some part of the tournaments and during the practice weeks I'll practise at the club. I know all the boys in the Academy. Czechs and Slovaks are very similar mentality so I'm looking forward to them," added 22 years old Safranek.

Women’s and junior’s team is currently being formed and its complete constitution will be announced by TC EMPIRE Trnava soon.

Men’s EMPIRE Tennis Academy team: Andrej Martin, Igor Zelenay, Patrik Fabian, Martin Blasko, David Damian Brna (all from Slovakia), Vaclav Safranek (Czech Republic), Artem Dubrivnyy, Alexander Ovcharov (both from Russia), Vadym Ursu and Filipp Kekercheni (both from Ukraine), Ergi Kirkin (Turkey) a Hans Podlipnik-Castillo (Chile).

Coaches: Daniel Trcka, Karol Beck, Kamil Capkovic, Miloslav Grolmus and Peter Miklusicak.




Photos by: 
Milan Hutera, www.empire-tennis-academy.com

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